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chordAlchemy chord alchemy for guitar
chordAlchemy Features and Capabilities

chordAlchemy is a feature rich tool for chord lookup, scale lookup and reverse chord lookup. It supports multiple instruments, multiple tunings, custom tunings in a low cost, easy to use program. Designed and developed by a player for players, chordAlchemy is geared towards helping musicians at all levels.

chordAlchemy Chord and Scale Software for guitar banjo mandolin bass and other fretboard instruments

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chordAlchemy Chord and Scale Software for Guitar Banjo Mandolin Ukulele Bass and Other Fretboard Instruments
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  Instrument and Chord Lookup

chordAlchemy’s main window, the instrument and chord lookup window, lets you easily change instruments; position a capo; tune the instrument; lookup scales, chords, intervals; and notes and tune your instrument using the built-in tuner.Suuports 50+ instruments - Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Bass, and more!

Chord Diagram Generation

Chord diagrams are display where you can easily filter them, save them to a chord page, an image file or copy them into your documents. Chord Diagrams are supported for multiple instruments.

Chord Information

Detailed information can be displayed for any chord including a graphic diagram, tablature, ASCII nomenclature, scales derivation and a polychord analysis.
  Reverse Chord Lookup

As players, we’ve all “discovered” great sounding chords somewhere on the neck.  Some of the best sounding chords combine open strings with notes higher up on the neck.  Now you can easily find out what those chords are!  Just click in your finger positions and click the Find Chord button. Reverse Lookup Chords for multiple instruments - any tuning, anywhere on the neck!

imageAlchemy: Chord Diagram Bitmap Editor

With imageAlchemy you can finally create the diagram you want!  Change font sizes, toggle diagram elements, add custom labels, change line widths and left/right margins.  You can create outstanding chord charts, music with lyrics and graphic diagrams, lessons, chord graphics for your website and all without having to learn how to draw lines and circles.    When you done you can save it to an image file (jpg, png, bmp or tiff) or paste it directly into your document!

Scales, Modes and Chords

Pick a root and a scale, or pick a key and see all of the chords that go with that scale!  Great for finding substitute chords when you’re composing or arranging.  Double-click on a chord and it automatically shows that chord in Chord Lookup and related windows in chordAlchemy!

Fretboard and Scale Diagram

Use this screen to create fretboard diagrams based on the chord lookup window – scales, chords, intervals and notes are all supported! Great for teachers and students alike!



Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7
MIDI enabled sound card to play chords
20 MB of free disk space to install
CD Drive (if you purchase the CD)

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