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ChordAlchemy - Real-Time, Dynamic
Formula Modification



Modify a formula or build one from scratch! ChordAlchemy's powerful Chord Theory Engine, combined with robust Chord Diagram Generation, makes it easy to modify a formula with a simple click of the mouse and instantly see the results! Add a sharpened 11th, flatten the 5th or click in the notes from sheet music to see how to play any combination of notes anywhere on the fingerboard!

      ChordAlchemy's DynamicFormulaBar shows the notes and intervals for the current scale.

Intervals are added or dropped from a formula with a click of the mouse.

      Chord Diagrams automatically reflect all formula changes.
      Modified formulas are automatically matched against known chord formulas with the same root. If the chord isn't found, just drag a chord diagram from the Chord Diagram Area into the Reverse Chord Lookup and click Find Chord to search for enharmonic possibilities!
      Play the formula to hear its fundamental tonal quality.
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