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ChordAlchemy - Chord Generation Window

Chord Diagrams galore! ChordAlchemy's Diagram Generation Engine, creates chord diagrams based on the formula in the Chord Lookup Area and the Chord Generation Window.

The Chord Generation Window defines the area on the fretboard used for generating chords. It gives you the ability to control the number of frets and number of strings used for diagramming your chord lookup.


Resizing the Chord Generation Window is a breeze. Just place the mouse over the Chord Generation Window until a double arrow appears, Left-Click the Mouse, and while holding it down, move the mouse to shrink or expand the window.

To move the window along the neck, just click on the slider bar located below the Chord Generation Window and drag the window anywhere on the fingerboard.

Each change you make automatically updates the Chord Diagram Area with chord diagrams reflecting the current size and position of the Chord Generation Window.


Quickly and easily define the area of the fingerboard used to control chord diagram generation.  
Control the starting position by sliding the window along the neck.  
Specify the number of frets to include - from 2 to 6  
Specify the number of strings to include - from 1 to 6 or any adjacent subset.  
Automatically updates chord diagrams as you make changes via the Chord Generation Window.  
Easy-to-Use graphical interface for resizing and moving the Chord Generation Window anywhere along the neck.  
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