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Chord Page

Chord Pages offer a powerful and flexible way to bring a wide variety of chords together into a single collection. Open or create a Chord Page and start dragging and dropping chords onto the page. Organize chords into useful groups so you can easily reference them, teach with them, compose with them, hear them and print them!

  ChordAlchemy's introduction of chord pages let you create and organize unlimited collections of chords pages.
  Mix and create groups of chords regardless of tuning, root or position on the neck.
  Organize chords in ways meaningful to you - By root, position, artist, tuning, song, style, lesson... whatever!
  Allows multiple forms of the same chord on the same page.
  Play chords to hear their voicing and tonal qualities.
  Move them and rearrange them on the chord page
  Save chord diagrams as bitmaps or copy them to the clipboard for use in other programs
  Print them out.
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