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Interactive Instrument Fingerboard

An intuitive, easy-to-use interactive fingerboard offers awesome control of the instrument. Instrument tuning, chord span, chord position and chord generation are easily controlled with a click or drag of the mouse.

chordAlchemy lets you choose from more than 100 pre-defined tunings or lets you custom tune each string. Tuning is picth sensitive for accurate reproduction of voicings. Once tuning is completed, you can Strum the instrument and hear it!

The red interactive Chord Generation Window is tightly integrated with chordAlchemy's powerful Chord Theory Engine and Chord Diagramming Engine to maximize performance and ease-of-use.

Includes a built-in instrument Tuner for any of the instruments!

  Easy-to-use drop down lists for selecting one of a hundred pre-defined tunings.
  Tune individual strings.
  Strum the instrument to hears it's Open Tuning.
  Control Chord Diagramming with the Chord Generation Window.
  Independant pre-defined and custom tunings for both Chord Lookup and Reverse Lookup areas.
  Clicking a "note" on the fingerboard populates the Reverse Chord Lookup fingerboard.
  Built-in instrument tuner lets you tune your instrument to any tuning!
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