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imageAlchemy™ - Chord Diagram Bitmap Editor

Revision 4 introduces an exciting new feature imageAlchemy™. Quickly and Easily manipulate selected chord diagrams to control their appearance, which diagram elements are displayed, grid size and much more.

Whether you're an instructor, student, professional player or hobbyist you can quickly manipulate a chord diagram and paste it into your compositions, lessons, charts, song pages, chord charts and documents.

With imageAlchemy you can:

  • Toggle elements on and off including:
    • Chord Name
    • Capo Graphics
    • Diagram Info
  • Change Size and Appearance of:
    • Font sizes, Line weights, Dot Color
    • Grid Height, Grid Width
  • Two user labels
  • Save the Diagram Image
    • Save as .BMP or .JPG File
    • Save .BMP to Clipboard
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