What's New: Fretboard and Scale Diagram

The Fretboard and Scale Diagram offers you a complete view of the fretboard and the ability to save it to the clipboard or to an image file. A unique and distinctive feature superimposes any chord, scale, interval or note on top of any other pattern. It's invaluable for seeing and understanding the relationship between chords, scales and poly-chords!

Fretboard - Scale Diagram Screen

  • Display the Full Fretboard
  • Display a Portion of the Fretboard
  • Display Inttervals, Notes, Dots, Open Circles, Full Intensity or Half-Tone
  • Superimpose on chord or scale layout on top of another.
  • Save the Fretboard Diagram as a .BMP or .JPG file
  • Save Diagram directly to the Clipboard for easy pasting onto Word and other programs that accept bitmaps.
Pentatonic Scale
Pentatonic Scale