What's New: Fretboard and Scale Diagram

The Fretboard and Scale Diagram offers you a complete view of the fretboard and the ability to save it to the clipboard or to an image file. A unique and distinctive feature that superimposes any chord, scale, interval or note on top of any other chord, scale interval or note pattern. It's invaluable for seeing and understanding the relationship between chords, scales and poly-chords!

Fretboard - Scale Diagram Screen

  • Display the Full Fretboard
  • Display a Portion of the Fretboard
  • Display Inttervals, Notes, Dots, Open Circles, Full Intensity or Half-Tone
  • Superimpose on chord or scale layout on top of another.
  • Save the Fretboard Diagram as image file (.jpg, etc)
  • Save Diagrams directly to the Clipboard for easy pasting onto Word and other programs that accept bitmaps.
Pentatonic Scale
chordAlchemy guitar fretboard and scale diagrams
Pentatonic Scale