Standard and Alternate Tunings

chord Alchemy provides a standard tuning plus alternate tunings for every supported instrument! Tuning is pitch sensitive to ensure accurate reproduction of voicings. Just click the drop down and select the tuning.

While many instruments only have a small number of alternate tunings, others have several. For instance, chordAlchemy has over 100 pre-defined alternate tunings for the guitar!

If a tuning isn't there - no problem! It's simple to custom tune the instrument to anything you want.

Next to each string is a tuner - an up/down set of arrows. To tune the string higher, click the up arrow. To tune the string lower, click the down arrow. As you click the arrows, the string is sounded and the String Note Box is updated.

  Easy-to-use drop down lists for selecting pre-defined tunings.
  Tune individual strings.
  Strum the instrument to hears it's Open Tuning.
  Control Chord Diagramming with the Chord Generation Window.
  Independant pre-defined and custom tunings for both Chord Lookup and Reverse Lookup areas.
  Built-in instrument tuner lets you tune your instrument to any tuning!