ChordAlchemy - Reverse Chord Lookup




ChordAlchemy implements an outstanding and powerful Reverse Chord Lookup Engine.

Leveraging the Chord Theory Engine, musicians can easily input fingering on the Reverse Chord Lookup fingerboard. Options to force an Added Bass, include Incomplete Chords (e.g. no 3rd, no 5th, etc.) or search for No Root chords are a click away.

Found chords (and their enharmonic equivalents) are displayed along with their chord formula.

Want to find other ways to play one of the found chords? Just double-click it! Double-clicking a chord in the list transfers it to the Chord Lookup area, updating the formula bar and automatically generating chord diagrams!





    Easy chord input for fingering, muted strings, open strings and starting fret position.

Advanced Reverse Lookup capabilities including Added Bass, Incomplete Chords and No Root !

    Supports Pre-Defined and Custom Tunings.
    Transfer found chords to Chord Lookup with a click of the mouse.
    Finds and lists all enharmonic equivalents.
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