ChordAlchemy - Chord Diagram Generation


Chord Diagrams galore! ChordAlchemy's Diagram Generation Engine, creates chord diagrams based on the formula in the Chord Lookup Area and the Chord Generation Window. Further refinements can be made to limit the number of chords displayed, and help you narrow down to a select few.

A number of diagram generation controls let you easily manage chord diagram generation. Diagram Generation Engine control lets you generate every variation of a formula or be very specific in the chord diagram you wish to see.

    Automatic generation of chord diagrams.

Control diagram generation including: Complete Chords Only, diagrams that include Essential Notes, and chords that have the Root in Bass, No Root, No 3rd, No 5th.

    Control the starting position, number of frets and the number of strings used to create diagrams with ChordAlchemy's Chord Generation Window.
    Display chord diagrams in a variety of sizes.
    Click & Play any chord diagrams so you can hear its unique tonal qualities.
    Drag-and-drop chords to chord pages or the Reverse Lookup Area.
    Open or create Books to organize Chord Pages.
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