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chord Alchemy Rev 4.0

New Features and Enhancements Include:

    • Multi-Window User Interface
    • Enhanced Chord Lookup
    • imageAlchemy - A Chord Diagram Bitmap Editor
    • Fretboard/Scale Diagram Screen
    • Scales/Modes Chord Relationship Screen
    • Chord Page Enhancements
    • Improved Reverse Lookup Interface
    • Support for Instruments up to 12 strings
    • Capo Support
    • Instrument Tuner Built into the Fretboard
    • Improved Fretboard Functionality
    • Formal Support for an Additional Instruments
    • Resizable Chord Diagram and Chord Page windows
    • Copy Chord Diagram to Clipboard
    • Improved Added Bass (slash chord) Control
    • Improved Diagram Control
    • Enhancements to Chord Diagram Display


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