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Pawless Guitars

Awesome!!! guitar maker in Gainesville, TX


I can't say enough good things about Scott. Incredible musician! Hand him an instrument with a fretboard and he makes it sings! An accomplished composer, arranger and performer, Scott is also an author with a recent publication on Right Hand Techniques titled Finger Picking Plus.

Check out Scott's site for his book and some sample tunes. One of my favorites is Count Me In from Scott's Follow Me CD - High Quality, so it's a little large but WELL worth the listen!



  A little Blues straight from Paris!
Photo by James Green of London

Guelta blues : In the smoke and the din of the noisy bars of Paris, dikis of Bored until the bouis-bouis of Kentucky, the voice of the weak preacher spits on the polluted dust of the macadam, a rough guelta blues. While the right sax trace the solitary lanes, that the harmonica shells the calls of the last suburban train, a strangled voice pushes a tearing song "I am the blue lizard, the androgyne crowned, the comma of God on the walls of the city".

... an off-hand air and a raspy voice, the blues of Azzedeen, this free-Tunisian releases a new feeling, a new will of assertion of oneself in combinations the blues-rock'n'roll-East. The texts are skinned sharp and the whole recreating an impression of power. It is described like "the motionless angel, the single specimen". it is quite true. ..Sample his music: the blue lizard . (March 2004)

The 4th Peg

The 4th Peg is a Great site and reference for Ukulele's. Great forum for exchanging ideas and info.


Ukuke is awonderful site promoting the wooden ukulele in the UK! Using a mazagine format, Ukuke offers a variety of resoruces from Articles to Reviews to Club News to Product. Check 'em out!

Hawaii Ukulele Guide
The Hawaii Ukulele Guide features listings of all WWW sites relating to ukuleles. Kamaka, Maui Music as well as other Hawaiian Koa ukuleles for sale.
Mike's Guitar Site
MandoZine is a mandolin resource for those who are just starting out. The more advanced players that are always ready to help the beginners, and those who don't play, but love the music.
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Where There's Always Something New in Bluegrass.
Cybergrass News and Events Calendar are Syndicated.

Folk of the Wood
Folk of the Wood is a dedicated acoustic music shop offering instructional materials and acoustic instruments...lots of acoustic music support material including free online lessons, set-up instructions, buying tips, and maintenance info for banjo, mandolin, dobro, acoustic guitar, fiddle, violin, bouzouki, octave mandolin, mandola, mandocello and dulcimer.
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Texas Nights North
House Concerts
Awesome Artists perform in a wonderful, small venue home setting! An excellent way to experience and enjoy great live performances!
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