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ChordAlchemy 3.3 Au version 89 (turns to Pb after 30 days)** [4.6 MB]
Includes Additional Instrument Support Listed below.

For support during the trial contact theAlchemist@tonalAlchemy.com

** (for those non-alchemists out there, Au is Gold and Pb is Lead)


  • Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP Home/XP Pro/Vista/Windows 7
  • IBM compatible Pentium processor
  • 1024x768 monitor
  • 64 MB free memory
  • 60 MB disk space for program usage
            Click Here for Installation Support  
      ChordAlchemy Additional Instrument and Formula Support [561 KB]

This update includes new Formulas and Instruments

  • Additional Chord and Scale Formulas added

This update adds support for additional instruments including:

  • *NEW* Charango - 5 String (Added 3/1/2005)
  • *Updated* Ukulele - Additional Tunings (Updated 3/1/2005)
  • Mandolin - 5 String (Added 5/4/2004)
  • Guitar - Tenor (Added 5/2/2004)
  • Guitar - Plectrum (Added 5/2/2004)
  • Guitar - 12 String (Added 4/18/2004)
  • Bass - 4 String (Added 4/18/2004)
  • Bass - 5 String (Added 4/18/2004)
  • Bass - 6 String (Added 4/18/2004)

Additional Instrument Support must be install AFTER chordAlchemy is installed.


      ChordAlchemy Au Update [4.6 MB]
  • Updated 1/5/05 2:10 am Central Standard Time, US
  • For installations of 3.X prior to 3.3.89. Check the Splash screen or the "About chordAlchemy" option under Help to get the release level of the copy on your system.
  • 3.0 users should download the 3.3 Au above.
  • To install, just double-click the downloaded file.
  • Added Support for JPEG files when saving Chord Diagrams (3.3.89)
  • Fixed Bitmaps saved as Black Box. (3.3.89)
  • Fixed Missing Fretslider when screen resolution set to 120 DPI. (3.3.83)
  • Fixed Missing Fretslider when screen resolution set to 120 DPI. (3.3.83)
  • Fixed Chord Page diagram display when both 6 fret and 5 fret diagrams present. (3.3.79)
  • Fixed Chord Diagrams not drawing properly when double-click the chord list in the Reverse Chord Lookup Area.. (3.3.76)
  • Fixed Chord Diagrams not drawing properly when double-click the chord list in the Reverse Chord Lookup Area.. (3.3.76)
  • Fixed "Resource with identifier 'dotXXX.bmp' not found" bug using slash-chords. (3.3.75)
  • Fixed Divide by zero on Chord Page that ocurs when trying to Reset Voicing with an empty chord page.. (3.3.74)
  • Fixed Missing Fret Start Position on Chord Pages. (3.3.72)
  • Fixed Missing Fret Start Position on Saved Bitmap Diagrams. (3.3.72)
  • Added Save Chord as Bitmap to the Chord Page Chord and Chord-popup menu.!- (3.3.69)
  • Fixed Ctrl-C bug when copying chords to a chord page. (3.3.69)
  • Fixed Corrupted file in the 3.3.48 download file !!!- (3.3.63)
  • Fixed Minor bug fixes. (3.3.45)
  • Fixed Save Bitmap Problem - No Dots were being put on the chord diagrams. Grid only.
  • Added "Save Reverse Search List" feature. This command button, Save, located in the Reverse Chord Lookup area next to the Find Chord button. It will save the list of found chords to a file of your choosing. Once saved, you can print the list, incorporate it into a document, or use it however you wish. (3.2.36)
  • Fixed First time execution bug. When chordAlchemy was registered on the first time it was ever run on a system (no prior Trial), the default instrument was not properly loaded causing subscript and and invalid method errors. Running chordAlchemy a second time cleared this problem. 3.2.35 fixes this problem so the default instrument properly load when trying to register the product on the first execution. (3.2.36)
  • Fixed Printer Error when no printer or printer drivers present on system. (3.2.25)
  • Cleaned Up 5-String Banjo and other instruments 5th string in the Reverse Lookup Area. (3.2.25)
  • Fixed Reverse Lookup bug. [ Broke Reverse Lookup when fixing 5 string Banjo... oops :0 ]. It's all better now! (3.2.18)
  • Fixed 5 String Banjo related bug affecting chord diagram accuracy (3.2.15).
  • Added support for Left Handed Chord Diagrams. (3.2.11)
  • Added support for Baritone Ukulele and Ukulele. (3.2.8)
  • Added "Save Chord as Bitmap" (3.2.7)
  • Added "Remote Error Reporting" function to send error report to tonalAlchemy. Return email address can be optionally provided so we can get back to you. (3.2.7)
  • Fixed empty tuning list when language set to something other than English.
  • Added option to send Trial Start message. This message is sent Anonymously. You can optionally provide an email address so we can provide any support should it be needed. (3.2.7)
  • Fixed "Out of Stack Space" error that can occur during startup. (3.2.7)
  • Fixed Reversed Search"Clear" button bug. Reported error when there was none - Error 0.
  • Cleared "TEXT" out of the email address field in the Error Report Form. This was causing a SMTP Winsock Error.
  • Sets Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth as the default midi device on first time run. Use Tools > Setup to change the midi device.
  • Fixed "Out-of-Range" subscript error associated with Dynamic Formula Bar when clicking all of the intervals from high to low.
  • Fixed known out-of-memory problem on Windows XP Home Edition installations. May also address O.O.M. error on other versions of Windows. To date, Windows XP Home is the only reported and reproducible OOM we've received.
  • Changes Chord Generation Window sizing method from spin buttons to dragging the border with the mouse.
  • Fixed Chord Generation Window indexing when the fretboard is "flipped".
  • Properly handles printing from systems with no printers installed.
  • Added Error Reporting subsystem to forward errors to tonalAlchemy via the web. Popup window requests an email address so customer support can follow-up. Both Registered Users and Trial Users are encouraged to include an email address so we can get back to you!


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